Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Happy One Year BMT Birthday Jeff! What a ride it has been! Jeff and I have spent a lot of time in reflection over the past couple of days. We have laughed, we have cried, but more than anything, we have been filled with gratitude! Gratitude for life, for health, for family, for our beautiful children, and for the help we have received both spiritually and physically over the past year. When Jeff's transplant coordinator told us we could plan on a year to a year and a half recovery time, I did not believe her. Really, could it take that long? The answer is...YES! It seems like only yesterday Jeff was lying in a hospital bed. I am amazed at how far he has come over the course of the year. He is still not the man I knew a few years back, but I see glimpses of that guy every now and again. He is back into riding horses, playing basketball every now and then, and my honey-do list! As his medications decrease, his energy level increases. As of the first of October, his blood levels were still not in the "normal" range, but they were finally "approaching." My kids LOVE being with him. He has had a rare opportunity to spend day in and day out with them during this recovery process. The relationship they have built is priceless and could not have been built any other way. I am so proud you, Jeff! Thanks for being a great example of enduring to the end! Keep fighting. Soon, this will be a CRAZY memory for all of us! :) You amaze me! Happy Birthday.