Monday, April 13, 2009

Day "147" I know I have failed most of you by not posting for forty-six days, but you have to understand--something had to give! I will try to sum up the last month and a half fairly quickly since Jeff is watching over my shoulder wishing I would just give the blog thing up! As he has read through the previous posts, he is shocked and amazed by what he doesn't remember and the fact that his wife posted it for all the WORLD to see! Those of you who know Jeff well know that he hates to be in the spot light...and for that reason alone, I was surprised that he allowed me to blog his story this long.

As many of you know, Jeff's blood counts have been hanging out in the low range. For that reason, we had to travel back to Huntsman once a week for the first month we were home. Then, when his counts remained low but consistent, Jeff was able to see our oncologist here in St. George every other week. So, our trek to SLC came every other week. Then, on Day 133, since Jeff had not required a blood transfusion since leaving the hospital in January, his doctor decided he could have his central line removed! I have posted pictures of it, and those of you who were in our sacrament meeting yesterday know how he felt about me taking them--just for the record, I was not on a chair, I was standing quietly by the side of the bed! :) I just continue to tell him that someday he will thank me for four months of constant pictures! He decided not to be sedated for the removal, and he doesn't recommend it! He compares it to the scene on Braveheart where one guy is pulling another mans' intestines out! Then, to top it off, his crazy wife is snapping pictures! A central line is a major risk factor for infection, so it was good to get out. Also on that day, the doctor and pharmacist decided to begin tapering his cyclosporine (immunosuppressant) dosage. He is on an extremely high dose morning and night, so over the next nine months (until December) that dose will reduce to nothing. In the last week and a half, I have been excited to see glimpses of the man I married...playing with the kids, working in the yard (against my better judgement, but at least with a mask and gloves on), making a to do list, etc. I tell people all the time that he is beginning to have more good days than bad. We can't ask for anything more than that! Today, Day 147, Jeff had a doctor appointment here in St. George. After having his blood drawn, we waited in the room for the results. As Dr. Manalo began to read them off to us, we had her check to make sure it was Jeff's results. Each and every blood count had risen substantially. His white blood count was actually in the normal range! Jeff hasn't been normal for more than a year! The other blood counts are still lower than normal, but the fact that progress was made is priceless! Jeff is still extremely tired and has to stay clear of any sickness. He still has bladder issues that we are hoping are temporary. He is in no way out of the woods, but we can see the light at the edge of the forest. We are only going up to Huntsman once a month at this point, and eventually it will be every other, then every six months, then yearly! Now that is something to look forward to! Jeff has asked for this to be my last post, and since he asked nicely, I will comply. At least we end on a postive note! Thank you for your support, comments, and prayers. We could not have done it without you!